Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Laura & Chris get hitched at the Coalbrookdale Covered Bays (wedding)

I had been looking forward to photographing Laura and Chris' wedding for quite a while. Not only were they such a fab couple, but everytime I nattered to Laura about her plans I got more and more excited. I am SUCH a big kid when it comes to talking about plans and ideas and I will never, ever, everrrrr get bored of hearing the details, stories, gossip and just about everything in between when it comes to talking to my fab couples.

Laura is a cool chick you see, and I knew I was going to love everything about her day. She gathered friends and family from all over the world (her sister flew in from Australia) to celebrate and enjoy one hell of a wedding. 

Laura and Chris have to be the couple whose wedding I have had the shortest distance to travel to as well! The got married at the Coalbrookdale Museum literally just across the road from my house. 

Coalbrookdale is a gorgeous little place (HELL YES I am biased as I live here now : ) It is the birthplace of industry and through its hard working and scarred past, the valley has healed and is green again but littered with amazing old industrial relics from the past. 

So, here are just a few of my favourite pictures from the day. I can't even begin to tell you what a good time we had shooting Laura and Chris. They were the most fun to hang out with, and I laughed so hard during the day my ribs did actually hurt when late into the night we pottered back across the road home (VERY kindly furnished with cupcakes from Queenies pushed into our hands from Laura.) 

Laura and Chris's wedding also featured on the continually-blow-your-socks-off-inspirational-wedding blog wonderment that is RocknRoll Bride. 

You can read all about their amazing day on RocknRoll Bride here

You can read all about their amazing day on RocknRoll Bride here

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