A little bit about me..... My name is Bethan.
I have big curly hair, I luuuuuurve taking peoples pictures, I am one of four daughters (the youngest) my poor mum(!) I have a wonderful fella who I knew I wanted to marry and got engaged to three months after we met, but took us ten years to get hitched. I am very lucky to live a life I love filled with people who mean the world to me.

I live in Coalbrookdale, in sunny Shropshire with my gorgeous hubby who I love very much and my three kooky cats. 
I studied photography and throughout my course roped many an unsuspecting family member and friend into posing for my *arty* pictures which now years later are proving perfect blackmail material mwaha ha ha. Thank you guys!

I discovered photographing people was my main passion, and especially love the relaxed, candid and unaware nature that reportage photography held. I know every photographer will (or at least should!) say this but I TRULY love what I do and the people I get to meet (especially those who offer to make me a cup of tea when I visit! You rock!) I work throughout the UK and love to pile my little wagon high with my camera gear and photo booth props and trundle all over the place, it is such a perk of the job to never be tied to one place and to meet new people all the time.

I would love to think that my business is special because I truly go the extra mile for people. It is part of being passionate about taking photographs and I am never clock watching or hiking prices. I often stay much longer than arranged and with on average two weeks work form meetings/prep/editing and the actual day itself going into each wedding, I think I am fairly priced to reflect the effort I put in, I'm probably on minimum wage! No matter what I am booked for, be it an engagement, cherish the dress or wedding day itself, I always give every shoot my all and you have me with beans baby! (Good beans not bad, we all know what beans can do to you.)

I especially love the quirky and unusual, where people have been brave enough to really reflect who they are in their wedding, doing it with their own style. I love taking photographs that hold a little piece of that person in them, whether it be a special location, a personal item or just the people they love and adore in it. Photographs are the key to dusting off old memories, remembering good times and reflecting who we are.... sounding too soppy? Well, just go dig out some old photos from the back of your cupboard and I dare you not to smile whilst looking at them :)