Monday, 11 March 2013

Jess and Phil hitched Burgh House, London

Wow, doesn't the summer feel like a LONG time ago now??!! I started to look through Jess and Phils beautiful August wedding a few days ago and instantly had a smile on my face. It is no secret that the weather for much of the summer months last year was pants. Massive, huge, pants. I seemed to be dancing a thin line in between severe weather warning after severe weather warning. It seemed everytime the forecast for the weekend rolled around it was predicting a wet, grey weekend.

NOT FOR JESS AND PHILL!! Hell no, their wonderment wedding weekend rolled around and it was hot and sunny. When I say hot, I actually mean scorching!!! A blisteringly beautiful blue sky of a day.

I did look like a shiney purple thing by the end of the days shooting but the suffering for my job was well worth it. Jess and Phil had been FANTASTIC fun meeting up and nattering before their big day. I knew this was going to be a kick ass wedding and it was all of that and more.

Plus, how many weddings have such a dude of a cat with a bow tie??! Called Thor. Yes, he is probably the coolest little dude I am going to meet (even if he was terrified of me when I tried to stroke him eek!)

As Thor couldn't make it to the wedding in person so Jess and phil had a card board cut out of him that was very popular in the photobooth later that night (see pictures at the very bottom of the post).

Jess and Phils wedding was so much fun, everyone was having the best time, dancing, drinking, laughing and good times. Just what a wedding should be about, you rock guys!! Thanks for having us along for the day,

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