Saturday, 29 December 2012

So long, farewell........

Aaaaaaah 2012, let the reminiscing begin!

So, this really is the time of year people start to look back at their achievements and also forward to goals ahead.

Sometimes it is so easy to forget quite how far you have come. One of my big faults, is I am a very impatient person. I'm not bossy impatient, but I am the kind of person that when I have an idea, or want to go somewhere, I want it NOW! My fella often winds me up about his un ending list of DIY things to make. His list of *jobs to do* recently have included making me a knife throwers wheel, building me a studio in the back garden, restoring a 1950s belgium caravan..... and none of these things can come quickly enough for me! To be honest the list MASSIVELY goes on, and my poor man who works a busy full time job and second shoots with me is a bit of a hero when it comes to giving me time!

Anyway, I'm getting off the point, and that is how good it is to remind your self quite the distance you have come sometimes. It is not being boastful or brash to think about your achievements and feel quietly proud : )

Last December, I was really excited about the year ahead. I made myself a little list of things I would like to accomplish in the year, some I thought were reasonably easy to achieve (making something witht he giant jamjar of buttons I have had hanging around for an age) some not so easy (have a national magazine feature).

My number one goal for the year though was to be a little braver. Be a little stronger, push myself out of my comfort zone and see where it takes me to.

Hand on my heart I really feel I can truthfully say I have done this. I took on more bookings, traveled more miles (singing badly to the radio almost all of the way), met THE most amazing, wonderful people along the way, both industry professionals and fantastic couples. Also this year, we bought and renovated (well, very nearly finished renovating!!) the property next door to our own, which has been a mammouth undertaking. I'll post some picture here in the new year and you can see for yourself the blood sweat and tears it has taken!

A lot has happened this year, but man it has been one hell of a ride!

It has also been a quite a learning curve for me too, I have had to manage my time like a ninja, and putting my heart and soul into the business I love has taken its toll on my personal life. At times it has felt like I have missed so many good times with friends and family and I'm beginning to forget what our local pub actually looks like. All this can be fixed though, and my new tasks for the new year are a good mix of personal and professional goals!

Some things were easier to achieve this year that I was expecting. Barely before the new year was in last winter, I had a gorgeous feature in Perfect Wedding magazine. I have to confess when it landed on my door mat I did a happy dance in my slippers and pjs. Very rock and roll eh??! ; )

The year has been very kind to me magazine feature wise, and it barely felt like a month went by that I wasn't rooting through the magazine racks in WHSmiths, looking for my photos and buying waaaaaaaay too many copies (grandkids will wanna see no??) and filling up my little office space with stacks of glossy publications.

Here are just a small selection....

I also was fortunate enough to have lots of lovely blog features too

but really, this year has been about the AMAZING PEOPLE I have had the privilege to meet. I think this is by far one of the most besterest things about my job. The wonderful couples who have been kind enough to let me be part of such a beautiful part of their lives, the other wedding industry peeps who have been so supportive, so open with their knowledge and to be honest, so damn right inspiring!!

 (photo by

But the true stars of my year HAVE to be my family. They are truly flipping awesome!!!!! I know that I need to do is call and they will be there, my sister and mum and dad are the best. No argument.

So I'll leave you with just a few of my favourite pictures from the year, I would like to post more but will be blogging lots of wedding in full in the new year so this really is just the tiniest of snippets. I also can not say thank you enough to everyone who has supported me this year, through stopping by the blog, popping by my facebook page, leaving an encouraging comment, or letting me shoot your big day, you peeps really are the ones who make this job what it is. THE BESTEREST EVER loads of love and wishing you an amazing 2013 where ever you are, Bethan xoxox

Much love Bethan xoxox


You have been rather special, thank you. I'm in the process of writing a year round up for this amazing year, so keep an eye out for that, but for the meantime, sorry for my silence. I have been enjoying some amazing family time together over Christmas, and nursing my very poorly (now three legged cat) back to health, plus trying to detox my body from the huge amounts of cheese and chocolate I have eaten over Christmas (it is compulsory to do that right??!!)

For the moment, I'll post just one picture from Mat and Annas wedding I shot in November, I hope you enjoy :  ) 

Lots of love and hope everyone has had THE BEST Christmas, Bethan xoxox

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Blogcademy baby!!!

Ok. There should be a little disclaimer on this video before you watch it. Yes, there is gratuitous use of my cute cat, yes there are a lot of embarrassing photos of me, yes I wear the same jacket a lot (I need to rotate my wardrobe man!) but hopefully all is worth it for having a chance at winning the Blogcademy Scholarship place for the London dates.

I am supposed to be snowboarding the same week. That alone should show that I am super duper keen to be a graduate of Kat ( Shauna ( and Gala's ( Blogcademy but if that is not enough, I'll let the video (maybe) explain further : ) and just realise my cheeks are a little flushed with embarrassment of pants pics, it's not pretty people, there are some seriously bad hair days in there!

You'll have to watch it as a tiny video thang too as the quality hasn't uploaded very well for some reason and you have to squint to watch it big! Plus I can spell appropriate(ly) correctly, it just chopped the end of the word off :S

Youtube version here......

fingers crossed.
Bethan xxx