Sunday, 31 July 2011

Beautiful Beaubuttons.........

An outdoor swimming pool from 1911, some vintage frocks and a whole load of buttons!

Ooooh, I have literally just started to edit these photos but just wanted to stick a few up as I am quite excited about them! More coming soon and full write up too yipee :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ian and Rachaels engagement shoot

Here are a few more piccies of the gorgeous Ian and Rachael from their engagement shoot we did in Didsbury, Manchester. I still have a few left to edit but couldn't wait any longer to share these with you.

Some couples you meet, you just KNOW they love each other to pieces, and these guys had it in spades! I seriously cannot wait to shoot their wedding in October. Oh. My. Gosh it is exciting.

We started out in a really cool little cafe but sadly it was rammed with people (come on guys, it was a Friday morning, doesn't anyone have anywhere they need to be ?!!) and very, very dark inside. till, it didn't stop me enjoying a quick pot of tea and slice of cake with the guys before we headed out into the gorgeous sunshine to find some more spots.

I wanted to keep the set of pictures by the shutters very fresh and natural, the light was beautiful and worked really well. In contrast, the set we shot together in the park, I wanted to give a much more vintage feel to, and so put some varying vintage washes on the photos.

Rachael and Ian were such good company to hang out with for the day, and we ended up having a good old natter between taking pictures. A huge thank you to them both :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Packing my bags......

and heading off down south for a couple of days for a vintage dress shoot with a horse and a swimming pool (ooh, should mention NOT at the same time he he he). Oh yes people this is going to be fun!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A surprisingly sunny day in Manchester......

Now, before I start, let me just tell you I LOVE Manchester. It is such a fantastic city so when Rachael suggested we might shoot her engagement session there I jumped at the chance.

I lived in Manchester for 4 years whilst a student and was pretty sad to leave actually. Even though one winter it did rain for 46 days out of 47. Yes, people, we are talking biblical style downpours in this place! There was one puddle outside my house that never dried up. Never. Our grotty little student digs suffered from damp for most of the year but that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves and everything this amazing city had to offer.

Hanging out with Ian and Rachael yesterday was so much fun, they are a brilliant couple who I very much look forward to shooting their wedding in October. When I had my first meeting with them (and you know they are a couple of ace dude and dudettes to provide cups of tea and biccies in abundance!) I spent the drive home thinking how great their wedding sounded and how much I would love to shoot it. And hey presto.... a plan was made :)

Here are just two piccies from yesterdays session, will blog more as soon as I can and fill you in a bit more on our day in the Manchester sunshine.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dan and Rachel's wedding with a vintage twist....

I loved Dan and Rachel's wedding. Actually I think I fell a little bit in love with Dan and Rachel too! I know people often say.... what an amazing couple, so lovely, great fun to work with, but huge hand on heart, this is ALL true about this couple, I was so incredibly lucky to meet them and shoot their wedding!

Everything about their big day was beautiful, and I kept finding myself accidentally gushing over the details, the beautiful handmade 1930's dress, the vintage jewellery, the stunning hydrangeas and not to mention the totally kick ass split screen camper that ferried them to the church and back!

Sometimes, things just strike a chord with you, well Dan and Rachel's wedding was dancing a little jig inside my belly.

I have to say a huge ta muchley to Lucy Stendall  for being such a super star second shooter on the day. She was brilliant and great fun to hang out with.....

I could go on, but just have a little look at the photos for yourself...... I hope you love them as much as I do!