Friday, 8 February 2013

change is a blowing in!

(the shelves in my kitchen)

Ok, so it is February already (what the flip??!!) It still feels like a few days ago that I was gorging my face on cheese and sleeping on the sofa while Dr Who played on the telly.

The new year always ruffles things up a bit, good intentions, plans for change but like 99.99999999% of the population, I sometimes struggle to keep that motivation going. Well not this year guys!

Oh hell yes, I'm in full flow starting projects, making plans and generally feeling a bit giddy at all the excitement (and hard work) ahead.

Last month I packed my little wagonup and hit the road to head to the Photography Farm run by the amazerbeam lady that is Lisa Devlin. There were so many classes on during Farm week that I wanted to attend and I booked myself into the Blogcademy mini session with Kat, Gala and Shauna about how to be fabulous online.

Wow, those ladies give your brain an inspirational kick up the ass and a half! I think I made about 25 pages on notes in our relatively shots time together and came away with a head buzzing full of ideas.

So, now to put some into action! So keep those peepers peeled my little lovlies, for there will be much excitement flavoured things wafting your way......

Have a fab weekend lovlies, Bethan xxx

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