Thursday, 14 March 2013

Adventures in the snow

At the start of the year it was pretty grey. Christmas seemed to pass in a cloud of drizzle, not quite the magical wonderland you see on the fronts of all those pretty Christmas cards!

But then..... WAIT...... the white clouds gathered shortly after the new year and a whole heap of snow fell out of the sky!!

Now, just for the record, I am a BIG kid, and even though heaps of snow often means heaps of problems too ( I live fairly rurally so snow means road closures and dodgy icy lanes) I get those excited butterflies looking out of the window and seeing the landscape change into something very special.

the snow falling outside my kitchen window.

For three days it fell and for three days I was snuggles with the log burner on full pelt and hot chocolates a plenty! The the weekend rolled around and it was time to shoot baby!!

Before I start, I just want to say hat a hero Anna is. She was up for standing in the freeeeeezing cold, and ROCK it baby all for the sake of getting the shots I was hoping for. She didnt complain once.  Thank you Anna!!

So here is a little winter inspiration for all you lovlies out there! I know we are rolling into blue sky and green bud territory, and I'm welcoming spring with open arms, but still love a bit of snowy prettyness 

: D 

Lots of love Bethan xoxox

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