Friday, 12 August 2011

Sofas and Sewing machines....

Well lovely peeps, I have been having a couple of weeks off and a great time it has to be said :)

I am steaming through my chores (yipee!) tying up some loose ends that have been dangling for a wee while and finishing off some editing I just hadn't got round to.

My two beautiful nieces came to stay last week as well which was ace. I was seriously the biggest kid amoung them (poor old embarrassing Aunty Beejy). We had bonfires, picked blackberries, made jam, stayed out under the stars, fed the axalotls I'm temporarily looking after (lots of eeeeeeughs as we plopped their food, frozen blood worms, into their tank each morning!) went to the Blists Hill victorian town, learned about machine-y types of things at Enginuity, stroked the cats A LOT (surprised they have any fur left tee hee) went to the park and playground, did a nature trail (my eldest niece was very excited to find a dead but fully preserved frog. I'm just waiting till I rediscover the box she put it into and lost in my house somewhere...), oh yes peeps, I was full on adventure aunty!

Now it is a bit quieter this week (sadly as I miss them like mad and am trying my damn hardest to get them to move closer to me in Shropshire) I'm going to start another little project I have wanted to have a go at for a while. Sewing!

I bought some vintage patterns and in vintage styleeeeee also have an ancient sewing machine to have a go on too. I have no idea if this is going to work or not, but will keep you posted on the outcome!

I have to admit, I was more than a little disappointed with vintage sizing.... a 30 inch waist is marked up as a size 18!!! Surely not everyone was so tiny in the old days?

Other news (Oh my gosh I am getting seriously boring now but...) I bought a new sofa! Piccie below, a lovely 50s style lime green number to go in my back room. The back room also has three 1920's cinema seats, a projector screen and a log burner. It is a seriously snuggley little room during the winter, where you can crank up the log fire and stick a film on the screen. Man, it gets flipping freeeeeeezing in this house in the winter! Starting to feel scared it is nearly already eeeek!

If I'm going to be hanging out in the back room I might need to do something about the back garden......

A tiny touch overgrown some might argue (and *ahem* they would be right!)


  1. Bethan... we so want your house!! We have now decided we must buy an old house and do it up, we'll be asking you for tips in the future! xx

  2. Aaaw, thanks so much Danielle!! If you ever want any practice doing old house diy, you guys are welcome to come over and help us finish it ha ha! Think it is going to be another 10 years before we are done :) You have the best of both worlds with your place though, you can get straight down to the fun bit of decorating how you want with out having to strip a million layers of paint off first! xxx

  3. I second the 'we want your house' comment! Looks absolutely gorgeous :) Good luck with your sewing!