Friday, 5 August 2011

Before you die. Live.

Love is good, love is kind, love can be flipping crippling at times. 

Sorry in advance for this post.......

Hello lovelies. This post isn't the kind of post I normally write, it has nothing to with photography, or things I have done this week, but it is something that has been on my whirring behind my eyelids and at the back of my brain recently.

Peoples. Life is short. Enjoy it!!

This all kind of started as a ramble through facebook one day, you know the kind of thing where you click on a friends photo, then one of their friends photos and before you know it you have pottered across someone you have never met and you are having a small rifle through their holiday album or something (ps fingers crossed I am not the only person who does this!).

Well, on a small amble through the virtual world, I came across a very real and moving story. The story of Andy and Ses. Without retelling the whole story here, have a look at their blog here...

I have linked you to the start of their blog, and the start of their journey too. I read the whole thing from start to finish, huge tears plopping down my face thinking just how flipping lucky I was not to be having to go through anything like they were.

I think it is a natural human instinct to think things will never happen to you. Blimey, we would probably drive ourselves mad with mental torture if we constantly thought about all the terrible things that could happen each day.  In the same breath, it is so important to sometimes just take a huge step back. Breath in a crisp lung full of air and just take stock of what we have, the loved ones around us, the people we care about. The sad truth is that the sands are always shifting, sometimes quickly, sometimes so slowly that we don't even notice, but shifting they are doing!

My dad died when he was just 47, leaving behind a family who adored him, ripping a huge whole through our lives which still gapes today. We were a house full of women, my mum and my three sisters, cut adrift and lost without him. I am so incredibly lucky to be from the most amazing family, one who love each other to pieces mieces. Kind well wished used to say to me that time will heal, that one day hopefully it would all hurt a little bit less and that we would be able to get on with our lives again.

Well, to be truthful, I don't ever want to pain to go away. I want to wear my grief like a big fat scar upon me, a testimony to just how much I love my dad and how life will never be, and has never been the same since he died, that there will always be a piece missing. This is where love is at it's worst, the unbelievable feeling inside when it isn't there anymore.

I'm sorry to be morbid, but please, don't sweat the small things, life is too short. All easier said than done I know, as we get caught up in the day-to-day, but even if it is just for a moment, smile at what you have, give your mother/lover/brother/friend a call and tell them that you love them. You wont regret it I promise. xxx

 My wonderful sisters Rhiannon (left) and Syriol (right)  

Below, my mum and dad on their wedding day

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