Thursday, 25 August 2011

Around the world in ....... well who knows!!

I'm a bit of a plan hatcher, I'll be honest. I get a tiny seed of an idea and if I'm passionate about it like to try to make it grow into full bloom. My hubby has accused me on many occasions of planting a seed of an idea in his head that grows into something big!!

The whole idea of a house renovation was *just a thought* discussed in the pub at some point or another. We saw our current house advertised by complete chance after wandering through the area and seeing it in the window of the estate agents. Two days later (and two very sleepless nights I have to say!!) we had our offer accepted and we were making plans to move halfway up the country.

Whilst moshing to a gig at university, we conjured up plans to live in Cornwall for a whole summer which became reality the following June when we packed out camper full of essentials and headed for the west country for three months.

We have a vw camper project sat on our drive after a fleeting passing of a conversation that turned into reality even after we had both sworn never to do a full resto again!

There have been many things like this happen through our lives that started out as a little..... what if..... or do you think we could....... and have amazingly become true. A few sliding doors moments but sometimes honestly you have to take a chance and hope it all works out for the best (in a fingers and toes crossed kind of way!!!).

I like the thought of making a tiny plan and then seeing it turn into something real.

Well, I'm on a bit of a wanderlust at the moment. I love travelling, and have been lucky enough to travel around the world. It is this time of year that I start to get itchy feet about making a plan to go away, often it might be a snowboarding holiday at this time of year, but I have bigger itchy feet to scratch this time!

Reading blogs from around the world I have spotted a few amazing locations that I have just been drooling over to shoot at. One being this place....

I first saw this place here....

Have a little click on the picture above to see the full article. 

So plan hatching.........

I was thinking of trying to organise some kind of trip away that is punctuated by shoots. A kind of
 **Round The World In 8 Shoots**
or something along those lines. It would probably be more likely a round Europe in 3 or 4 shoots in my knackered old car, but hey, it never hurts to be optimistic!!

So, I've no idea how long this might take to organise, it might be a winter adventure for next year (a good excuse to head to the Southern Hemisphere if I can sort the cost of the air fair out) and maybe a bit of blog publicity to organise some people to shoot) but let me know what you think peeps. 

This is very much a tiny seed of an idea at the moment..... fingers crossed it will grow into something good :)

Bethan xxx

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  1. I love how your 'what if' moments turn into reality! So many times things just never happen so you've definitely got it the right way round! And a round the world in 8 shoots sounds pretty cool to me! x