Saturday, 6 August 2011

A little look back.....

Hello lovlies! I'm having a couple of weeks off from shooting and a major sort out/organise/clear my desk and more or less catch up with myself :)

I had planned this little window ages ago and man I seemed to pick a good time as between sorting out my (mostly fun it has to be said) chores I've been able to kick back in the garden, keep the veg patch topped up with water and see my hubby. I've also got two of my nieces coming to stay next week so I'm really excited! Its such a good excuse to be a BIG kid again tee hee.

While I am having a break I though I would blog a shoot I did earlier this year. I hadn't realised I didn't actually blog it at the time (I just stuck two pics up and promised more...) so here is a mini set of the photos.

I was lucky enough to organise a shoot with a wonderous woman called Chi Chi Revolver who was a full time Hula cool?! We had a potter around Brighton (I'll be honest, I was kinda hoping for a bit of sunshine and maybe an ice cream!) but on a fairly freezing March day we set about shooting and sheltering in the pub when the rain set in!

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