Thursday, 12 April 2012

A personal project......

Hello lovely peeps and peepettes. I know, I know, I keep rabbiting on about exciting times but do you know what...I AM excited ha ha! Life is good, and without wanting to tempt fate or anything, I seem to be in an extraordinarily good mood most of the time at the moment. I have even found myself walking about with a bit of a weirdo smile on my face for no reason really!

I think in life it is so important to count your blessings while you have them. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching or anything, but seriously, life is short, and it is up to us to enjoy it RIGHT NOW!!!! Every now and again you hear some sad news that bumps you back to reality of actually how pretty damn good you have it, so get off your ass and have a good time baby! This week, I have heard a couple of those kind of sad stories so I'm on the up to enjoy what I have.

In the spirit of all things good, I'm undertaking a little personal project at the moment. All the pics above are the start of it, they are all my belongings photographed in my home. It is weird to look at my own house and things in a way I would usually approach photographing other peoples, it really freshens the eyes to perspectives! I have also realised it is in need of a good clean eeeep! As with many personal projects, when you put your heart into something, it is easy for it to get a bit bruised, so I am quite nervous about the end result. Fingers crossed you will love it, and I will be able to reveal the whole set of pics in a few weeks time! Nervous!!

Have a great end of the week all and super fab weekend, loads of love to you all
Bethan xxx


  1. Love! I think it's so important to see your home through another perspective otherwise it gets stale. Can't wait to see more! x x

  2. Thanks chickpea, you are right, not good to get stale but it is weird looking at your own stuff!! Bit nervous about putting myself in the project but my new years resolution was to be a bit braver so I'll give it a go :) xxx