Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Emma and Scott- South Farm Wedding

Aaaaah, I am a bit rubbish at this blogging lark no? It has been ages since my last post, but I hope to fix things now and be much more of a regular poster woohoo!

Honestly, there are so many flipping exciting things coming up this year, I'll be jumping at the opportunity to bore the pants off you all with my tall tales and adventures ;)

But before we begin on adventures a new, I wanted to blog about Emma and Scotts super gorgeous red, white and black wedding from December last year.

I woke up on the morning of the wedding to a small, but totally beautiful layer of snow covering all you could see. I was pretty excited as I have always wanted to shoot a wedding with a beautiful snowy backdrop, but equally a bit nervous about the logistics of now getting to the venue. Although I wasn't very far away, even the shortest of journeys in the snow can turn into long laboured travel events in the UK, with us always being told to take blankets, water, food etc even for short journeys!

So it was a quick get ready and an earlier star than planned to make sure we made it to the Church, sorry barn on time!

The odd british weather ha more in store though, and as we sailed up the motorway passing snowy field after slightly less snowy field, the white started to turn back to green and the delicate snowflakes falling back into mushy drizzle. By the time we had reached the venue, there was sadly not a scrap of snow left, just some very soggy puddles and a thick grey sky!

Never be deterred though as we set to work straight away shooting all the gorgeous details Emma had loving put together. Who needed snow anyway huh??! :)

The farm was soooo pretty, with baby piglets, an old farmhouse, tumble down gypsy caravans and old farm machinery dotted about the place. So many great shots to be had.

Emma had a gorgeous vintage dress and red shoes that really just did pop! 

Such a brilliant day to be part of, congratulations Emma and Scott!!

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