Tuesday, 3 January 2012

be a little bit braver......

Hmmm, I had a quick look on my computer for a photo I thought would be relevant to my first 2012 post and this one pretty much sums it up.

Ok, ok, I don't plan to spend the year
a) Lying on my back*
b) Becoming part of a BMX display stunt team*
c) being steaming drunk during the day*
                                                                                   *all apply to the photo above.

But my motto this year is to be brave. Push yourself a little (or a lot) and see what happens. It isn't nice venturing out of your comfort zone, but sometimes it is needed just to see what happens next.

The guy on the bike, Yorki is a good friend (and a supremo BMX/mountain bike rider), and even though it looks like he might be about to land on my spud shaped head and squish it to pieces, he didn't. I trusted him, was a bit brave and ended up with a good facebook profile picture for the following month. Win win tee hee :)

So I have been writing a bit of a things to achieve list this year. It is a real mix, personal goals and professional goals. I'm not usually much of a list maker, but I seriously think I might be a convert. It is suuuuch a good feeling to be able to scrub things off and feel a (briefly smug) sense of achievement.

So 2012..... bring it on matey! I'm ready and waiting xxxxxx

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