Saturday, 16 July 2011

A surprisingly sunny day in Manchester......

Now, before I start, let me just tell you I LOVE Manchester. It is such a fantastic city so when Rachael suggested we might shoot her engagement session there I jumped at the chance.

I lived in Manchester for 4 years whilst a student and was pretty sad to leave actually. Even though one winter it did rain for 46 days out of 47. Yes, people, we are talking biblical style downpours in this place! There was one puddle outside my house that never dried up. Never. Our grotty little student digs suffered from damp for most of the year but that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves and everything this amazing city had to offer.

Hanging out with Ian and Rachael yesterday was so much fun, they are a brilliant couple who I very much look forward to shooting their wedding in October. When I had my first meeting with them (and you know they are a couple of ace dude and dudettes to provide cups of tea and biccies in abundance!) I spent the drive home thinking how great their wedding sounded and how much I would love to shoot it. And hey presto.... a plan was made :)

Here are just two piccies from yesterdays session, will blog more as soon as I can and fill you in a bit more on our day in the Manchester sunshine.

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