Friday, 8 July 2011

My week so far.......

Last night I got back home to the Shire yey!

I hadn't planned on doing much this week actually as I have been a bit poorly (probably Glasto Lurgy) and have lost my voice. It totally went at one point and I couldn't even enjoy the benefits of sounding like a sexy Mariella Frostrup. Bum.

I've had a lovely week away though, met two fantastic couples (both of which I am a bit over excited to be shooting their weddings), caught up with some of my family, started to organise a superfantastico bridal shoot, very vintage, very beautiful and ate a few too many take aways.

Back home now though it is back to a bit more editing, so in all honesty, I'm glad for a bit of rain today. It doesn't make me pine to be in the garden weeding my very poor excuse of a veg patch, or playing with the cats.

Sparrow, my little black cat, is toasty curled up near me right now too.

So this is what a fair sized chunk of my week looks like..... radio on, sat nav guiding me, a can of red bull and there is a big bag of minstrals on the seat next to me just out of view........ nom nom nom. Hey a girl needs a bit of a sugar rush if I have a few hours on the road!!

The sun was just setting when I filmed this but my little snappy didn't really register it, you'll just have to take my work for it!

the obligatory cat photo of my cat Sparrow.

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