Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Good Evening Glastonbury!!

Good evening Glastonbury.........

Those were Elbows *three favourite words* and actually, they were pretty much mine too on Saturday night at Glastonbury Festival this year.

Wow, they put on a good show, there is something pretty magical about the sun setting by the side of the pyramid stage, amazing music, fantastic company and no less than a few brothers pear ciders to give you a warm glow inside.

I first went to Glastonbury in the late 1990's and have been going pretty much every year since, with the exception of the last couple where we have been sensible grown ups and have distracted ourselves with buying a house, getting married and moving half way up the country, sorry Glasto but you had to take a back seat but boy it is good to be back.

It is quite strange to see how the festival has changed over the time, but I still say it is still in my opinion the greatest show on Earth!

When I first started going, the bands would pretty much finish around midnight, and the entertainment for the rest of the night was a rave around Joe Bananas Blanket stall or up in the Greenfields. Now there is Shangri-la, Arcadia and a whole host of other goodies and man it nearly popped my tiny brain!

In a nutshell, if you mix Total Recall with three fields of acid house ravers, a tower block with a tube train shooting out of the middle, blue painted naked ladies, back streets, ally ways, men in faraday suits shooting lightning between them and far too much more to mention you are still only just scratching the surface. Eye popping doesn't really even go there!!!

Shangri- La.

Needless to say we got back to our campervan at around 4am. I say campervan..... well it was more like the pope mobile but I was grateful for the loan from my hubbys parents as our vw van is in need of some work at the mo. Don't laugh too hard, no honestly. You can stop now :)

It was a terrifying journey on the motorway with every lorry that passed making the whole thing feel like it would rattle to pieces and blow away but I am grateful to the little mobile for getting us there and back in one piece and providing a mud free warm snug at the end of each day.

Glasto was a great weekend but it is now back to some overdue photo editing and quite a few cups of coffee to get my brain sparked back into action!! I have got some VERY exciting projects coming up in the next couple of months and can't wait to share them all with you very soon.

Enjoy the sunshine peeps xxx

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