Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Exciting times!

I'm tucked up in bed right now, typing to the glow of my laptop, having had a little bit of eyeball ache after being glued to my computer editing a couple of truly fabaroo weddings over the last few days.

I must be more dedicated to actually GETTING DRESSED before I fire up the computer otherwise I can get so distracted it can be the afternoon before I peel myself out of my pj's and get clean! The Postie called at 1.30pm on Monday and I very embarrassingly was still in my dressing gown. I blushingly tried to explain I was working from home today but that still didn't give me a very good reason to be such a slob!!

Working for yourself means that the sands are constantly shifting. I'm constantly looking for new inspiration and get excited by every new project that comes my way.

Every meeting with each new couple can feel a bit like a new job interview though. Don't get me wrong, I luuuurve meeting new peeps but I always get a few butterflies in my belly before hand. I am truly excited and passionate about what I do and the nerves get to me a little sometimes hoping that I can get what I am about across without looking like an overexcited loon on.

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