Thursday, 27 January 2011

New year new year........

Rock on 2011!

Well, midnight rolled around on new years eve with much celebrations. Last year had been a busy and at many points pretty stressfull! We have been having major renovations to our little old school house, including taking the roof off and replacing it! The sad old girl looked worse for wear for much of 2010 but I hope we have been able to breathe a bit of life back into the 170 year old building to keep her alive just a bit longer!

Thankfully now we are *over the hump* and ready to rock on with the adventures the year holds ahead of us :)

The start of January laid bare the rest of the year, but three weeks into 2011 and the diary is filling up mighty quickly, all good, all exciting woohoo!

I am just a little bit toooooo excited about a couple of shoots that are coming up.... but shhhh more about those very soon ;)


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