Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Blogcademy baby!!!

Ok. There should be a little disclaimer on this video before you watch it. Yes, there is gratuitous use of my cute cat, yes there are a lot of embarrassing photos of me, yes I wear the same jacket a lot (I need to rotate my wardrobe man!) but hopefully all is worth it for having a chance at winning the Blogcademy Scholarship place for the London dates.

I am supposed to be snowboarding the same week. That alone should show that I am super duper keen to be a graduate of Kat (www.rocknrollbride.com) Shauna (http://nubbytwiglet.com/) and Gala's (http://galadarling.com/) Blogcademy http://www.theblogcademy.com/ but if that is not enough, I'll let the video (maybe) explain further : ) and just realise my cheeks are a little flushed with embarrassment of pants pics, it's not pretty people, there are some seriously bad hair days in there!

You'll have to watch it as a tiny video thang too as the quality hasn't uploaded very well for some reason and you have to squint to watch it big! Plus I can spell appropriate(ly) correctly, it just chopped the end of the word off :S

Youtube version here...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXPdB7Xnia4&feature=plcp

fingers crossed.
Bethan xxx

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