Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My husbands Karmann Ghia never looked so good.....

So on Sunday, I got the chance to meet the beautiful and rather lovely Amie. I had been scheming to do a shoot with her for a few weeks and we eventually managed to set a date for the 5th February.

For half the shoot I wanted to use a backdrop and experiment with some studio lighting. I don't use lighting much, being in love with natural light for most of my portraiture, squeezing every last drop of sunshine out of a day, but it is always good to expand your skill set and have a go at something you might not normally do.

The second half of the shoot was going to be outdoors (back in my natural light domain) using my other halfs VW Karmann Ghia. On Saturday afternoon, a few flakes of snow fell. Then a few more and by the time we had trundles to our local for a warming pint that evening, there was quite a layer of snow on the ground.

Soooo beautiful, but by Sunday morning, our shoot day, the picturesque snow had sadly turned into grey sheet ice and was not looking good at all!

So the Ghia part of the shoot was cut a tiiiiiny bit short, but I'm hoping to harass Amie in to shooting again when the weather gets a bit better. As I type this, there is THICK freezing fog outside my window. It is actually quite spooky and not a lot of fun at all!!!!!

Here are some of the photos from the second part of the day. My hubby said his car never looked so good.... should I be flattered or annoyed at him??!!

Thanks for stopping by peeps,

lots of love

Bethan xxx

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