Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Highs and The Lows (and The Highs Again!)

Wow, what a bit of an up and down week this last week has been!

It started off with a fantabulous BANG with one of my photographs being used by Kat of the amazing RocknRoll Bride blog for her feature on wedding transport in Wedding Magazine. This my dear friends is seriously exciting news for me.

Being a freelance self employed person as I am, you can feel a bit isolated sometimes

Don't get me wrong,I get to meet the most amazing people on a weekly basis through my work, but it isn't often you will meet the same people again, mainly just due to the nature of thebeast. Since I discovered RocknRoll Bride, my eyes have been opened to an amazing community of supportive, creative like minded industry folk who are passionate about what they do and inspire me. Seriously, if you haven't already, check out RocknRoll Bride and some of the other brilliant blogs out there too like Love My Dress, OMG I'm getting married.

So, that was a high...... and so things continued over the weekend. I met a gorgeous couple who have booked me for their wedding at the Lowry Center in Manchester. Exciting huh??! The Lowry is an incredible venue and having lived in Manchester for 4 years, it is a city I love and am more than happy to take a trip back to. The couple themselves were absolutely lovely too, I'm so excited to be working with them.
me and my hubby

Another high..... heading to the local pub for a *quick half* with my hubby before settling in for a snuggly night with a film. Our local pub is literally a few feet from our door so it is all to easy to head there for a swift one with my other half on an evening. John, my poor hubby has to put up with me being away from home quite a lot working all over the place so we always have loads to chat about when it is just the two of us. Unfortunately this swift drink was before dinner accidently turned into three pints on an empty stomach. We got home to John deciding he wanted to revisit being 18 and playing thrash metal and me all but removing most of the skin from my hands on the oven whilst trying to cook a simple dinner of kievs and veg. Urgh.

my little cat Sparrow

A low followed sadly when my over loved little cat called Sparrow went missing Sunday night. Ok, for all of you who don't own a cat, please don't judge me as being a saddo but..... I flipping love that little cat! He was the absolute runt of the litter, not even expected to live when we got him, a tiny little (ugly I have to be honest!!) ball of black fur. After a lot of love he grew into a small black dude, who has a favourite sleeping spot hanging over my shoulders which is where he spends most of his day.

Well, as a bit of an understatement I was a bit gutted he had vanished. We have had him for 2 years and he had never wandered before so I spent the last couple of nights checking the local sheds and looking along the road in case he had been hit. Tonight was going to be the night when I spent hours sticking lost kitty signs up all over the local area. I had just stuck my coat on and was about to do another lap of the area calling for him (and getting a few weird looks!) when I stepped out my front door and the little sod had come home!! Woohooo!! As you can imagine, lots of cuddles followed and I cursed the cat for making me love him so much!

So this is the week so far, I've got a wedding on Saturday which I am super duper excited about shooting, so am just starting to crank up the excitement, pull together my thoughts and ideas and suffer the obligatory slight nerves that come just before a big shoot.

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